1920 War Office List Entries for M.S. 3, M.S. 3 (A), M.S. 3 (B) and M.S. 3 (D) (includes information on the role of the War Office division which dealt with Honours, Gallantry Awards and Foreign Awards presented to British soldiers)

From The War Office List 1920 (accurate to 1 February 1920) pp. 69-72

The originating War Office divisions for the surviving Military Medal and Meritorious Service Medal Card Indexes. More records would have existed before the Arnside Fire of the night of the 7/8th September (click here for more on the Fire).

According to the list of loses from the Fire the following M.S. 3 records were lost:

‘Honours and Awards Card Index (Old and New). Honour and Award bundles giving a description of the deed which earned the award. Rolls of the VC’s from the commencement. South African awards.’

See National Archives (TNA) WO 32/21769 Records Destroyed at Arnside Street: Records Destroyed At Arnside Street (list). p. 2

The role played by different sections and parts of M.S.3 with respect to the verification and publication of various awards in the London Gazette is very clear from the entries in the pages from the List. M.S. 3 was also responsible for getting approval from the King where it was required by the award. There is a clear connection between M.S. 3 and A.G. 10 when it comes to Military Medals, Meritorious Service Medals and the issue of Military Crosses and Emblems. Unlike A.G. 10 the different parts of M.S. 3 were largely policy and decision making organisations revolving around the award (and announcement) of Gallantry awards and honours. This contrasts with the part policy/ medal case working/industrial organisation of A.G. 10 whose work peaked after 1919 (with the large scale issue of Campaign medals) and which employed at its height several hundred staff (including many female staff). For the A.G. 10 War Office List entry please click here.

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