Commonwealth War Grave Casualty Archive and other C.W.G.C. WW1 Records: Glossary, Key and Articles

How the Information Linked to this Page Will Help Transform Your Understanding of C.W.G.C. WW1 Related Records

Want to know what file references like YP 44/21749 and other previously obscure references mean when included in documents covering WW1 burials in the C.W.G.C. Casualty Archive? Interested in the origins of C.W.G.C. WW1 records? If the answer to either of these questions is yes you have come to the right place.

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The top of a privately held copy of a letter, sent by the Enquiries Branch of the Imperial War Graves Commission to the mother of the 19 year old Lance Serjeant 57560 Frederick William Clements of the 16th Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers. Click here for his record in the C.W.G.C. Casualty Archive.

Information Applicable to all of the World War One Related C.W.G.C. Records Discussed in the Blog

6. Graves Registration Commission/Directorate of Graves Registration & Enquiries/I.W.G.C. Record Glossary (extensive entries on the C.W.G.C. records discussed here and used during/after War World One)

7. Key to WW1 Imperial War Grave Commission Enquiry File Prefixes: AA, CCM, CDEW, HLG, PH, SL, WW

Information Applicable to the C.W.G.C. Casualty Archive

Please note: all of these pages can also be reached through the Glossary

8. Communal, Preliminary and Comprehensive Reports

(Evolution, use and numbering from 1915 to the Interwar period)

9. Graves Registration Units and Areas March 1915-June 1919 (draft tables)

10. What does the Army/District etc information at the top of the Graves Registration Report mean?

Published Registers

11. War Graves of the British Empire and Memorial Registers

World War One Casualty Records and the Graves Registration Commission/Directorate of Graves Registration & Enquiries/Imperial War Graves Commission

Please note: all of these pages can also be reached through the Glossary

12. A.G.1. (R) The War Office branch behind Soldiers Died In The Great War (S.D.G.W.): War Office Directory Entries 1918-1920

13. A selection of Army Forms which could include Casualty information

14. C.W.G.C. WW1 Battalion Ledgers (Casualty Lists) – Please note: the same information can be found in the Glossary

15. Chaplains and Divisional/Corps Burial Returns

16. Dame Adelaide Livingstone’s Missing and Missing Prisoners of War

17. Exhumation Related Effects Forms

18. Instructions for compiling lists of War Dead for the Registrar General for the end of the War

19. Specimen of Part II Orders as set out in Army Order 236/1906 (transcription)

20. Soldiers Died In The Great War (S.D.G.W.): New evidence for its War Office origins via War Office branch A.G.1. (R)

21. Soldiers Died In The Great War – Publication, Circulation and Reception – New Perspectives