The War Office, Records Section, Percy House Schools, Isleworth and Arnside Street, Walworth, S.E.17 (Plus Postscript: Droitwich and saving the ‘Burnt Records’/supplementary records from the Ministry of Pensions (1940-1945))

Arnside Street and the Percy House Schools War Office Record Centres

Arnside Street War Office Record Centre 1934 – 1940 (plus Percy House Schools 1919-1933)

1921 Interim Report of the Committee on Record Offices

R (Records)

Percy House Schools and Arnside Street: Documentary Evidence for R(Records) work with WW1 Service Records

R (Records) 1939 War Office Directory Entry

Regimental & Corps Numbers

A.G.1 (R) War Office observations on the problems and few virtues of the pre-1920 British Army Regimental/Corps other ranks numbering systems

Report by The Officer In Charge of Records Royal Army Service Corps – A detailed explanation of how R.A.S.C. corps numbers were issued during the Great War

The Disposal of Service Records as set out in King’s Regulations

Sections on the ‘Disposal of [soldier’s] Documents’ from King’s Regulations 1912 (as amended to 1914), King’s Regulations 1923 and King’s Regulations 1940

The Disposal of Service and Other Records as set out in Demobilisation/Public Record Office Schedules

Army and War Office Instructions/Schedules for the Destruction/Retention of Documents 1918 to 1923 and Kings Regulations for the Disposal of Documents 1912-1940

The Official Notification to start sending Great War (1914-1919) Records (other than Service Records) for ‘Centralisation’ at the Percy House Schools, Isleworth in 1920

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The Work of the War Office History of the War Committee 1919-1922

Lt. Col. F.E. Whitton and The War Office History of the War Committee 1919-1922

HISTORY OF THE WAR COMMITTEE: Report of Work for the year 1919 and Taxonomy/Classifying System for Army Related Records from the War

Access to War Diaries via Units and Army Record Offices between the Wars

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Postscript: Droitwich and saving the ‘Burnt Records’/the problem of whether to accept the return to the War Office of Soldiers’ Documents held on Ministry of Pensions Files (1940-1945)

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