R (Records) 1939 War Office List Directory Entry

War Office List 1939 (accurate to Feb 15th 1939)  pp. 78-79

Note: J.R. Nelson MBE who had headed R.Records since 1922 (and its predecessors between 1920-1922) was by 1939 the War Office Chief Registrar, in charge of R., the War Office Registry. According to the War Office List G.P. Hampshire, an Assistant Principal was placed over Nelson at R. (Records) in 1937.

W.H. Davison,was the first to receive the draft of the well known list of files and records lost in the Arnside Fire in September 1940 (see The National Archives (TNA) WO 32/21769 Records Destroyed at Arnside Street: Records Destroyed At Arnside Street (list)) had replaced J.R. Nelson as Staff Clerk at R. (Records) by 1939. Although Davison’s service with (R.Records) was not continuous between 1922-1939, he was according to the entries in the War Office Lists one of the original staff of the Disposal of Records Section in 1920. He served with R. (Records) and its predecessors between 1920-1922, 1932-1936 and rejoined the section in place of J.R. Nelson by 1939.
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