Imperial War Graves Commission Index To Cemetery And Memorial Registers Of Those Who Fell In The Great War – List of Memorial to the Missing Code Numbers

Code Numbers Memorial Name Location
1 Chatham United Kingdom
2 Plymouth United Kingdom
3 Portsmouth United Kingdom
4 Helles Memorial Turkey
5 Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Turkey
6 Lone Pine (ANZAC) Turkey
7 V.C. Corner (Australia) France
8 Buttes New B.C. (New Zealand) Belgium
9 Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Belgium
10 Beaumont Hamel (Newfoundland) France
11 Caterpillar Valley, Longueval (New Zealand) France
12 Grevillers (New Zealand) France
13 12 Tree Copse (New Zealand) Turkey
14 Hill 60 (New Zealand) Turkey
15 Cambrai France
16 Ploegsteert Belgium
17 Loos France
18 Arras France
19 Thiepval France
20 Le Touret France
21 Soissons France
22 La Ferte France
23 Vis-en-Artois France
24 Halifax (Nova Scotia) Canada
25 Victoria (British Columbia) Canada
26 Villers-Bretonneux (Australia) 27 Australia France
27 Villers-Bretonneux France
28 Neuve-Chapelle (India/Pakistan/Bangladesh) France
29 Ypres (Menin Gate) Belgium
30 Tyne Cot Belgium
31 Nieuport Belgium
32 Doiran Greece
33 Monastir Road Indian Cemetery (Indian Memorial) Greece
34 Jerusalem Israel
35 Kantara Egypt
36 Port Tewfik Egypt
37 Dover (St.James) Cemetery (Zeebrugge Raid Special Memorial) England
38 Walton-On-Thames Cemetery (New Zealand Memorial) England
39 Southend (North Road) Cemetery (Screen Wall Memorial to the Missing) England
40 Bournemouth East Cemetery (Special Memorial) England
41 Hull Western Cemetery (R38 Memorial or earlier Memorial Screen?) England
42 Tower Hill England
43 Basra Iraq
44 Holly Brook Memorial Southampton England
45 Auckland (Waikumete Cemetery) Unclear why memorial as Provincial War Memorial post WW2 (includes WW1 names) New Zealand
46 Canterbury (Bromley Cemetery) Unclear why memorial as post WW2 register on CWGC. New Zealand
47 Otago (Provincial Memorial) New Zealand
48 Wellington (Karori) Cemetery (Provincial Memorial) New Zealand
49 Ste. Marie Cemetery Le Havre France
50 Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery (New Zealand Memorial) France
51 Marfaux British Cemetery (New Zealand) France
52 Zeebrugge Churchyard (Zeebrugge Memorial) Belgium
53 Tanga (Jasin), East Africa (Indian Memorial) Tanzania
54 Cologne Southern Cemetery (Cologne Memorial – PoWs died or buried in Germany with no known grave) Germany
55 Hague General Cemetery Special Memorial (Number used by Royal Navy) Holland
56 Savona Town Cemetery (Savona Memorial to casualties S.S. Transylvania buried at sea) Italy
57 Giavera (Memorial to missing Italian Campaign) Italy
58 Chatby (Alexandria – Memorial to casualties lost at Sea) Egypt
59 North Front Cemetery (Memorial to soldiers buried at Sea) Gibraltar
60 Posznan Old Garrison Cemetery (Poznan Memorial 5 RNAS ratings) Poland
61 Tehran (also names originally for Reshire/Bushire) Iran
62 Freetown (Sierra Leone 1914-1918 missing and graves not maintained) Sierra Leone
63 Tehran (Memorial to missing Persia Campaign) India
64 Aden (Missing from WW1 defence of Aden) Yemen
65 Berbera (Dead Somaliland operations 1914-1920) Somalia
66 Bombay (Memorial to Indian, Adenese & East African sailors lost at sea) India
67 Delhi (India Gate) India
68 Nairobi British & Indian Memorial Kenya
69 Dar-Es Salaam British & Indian Memorial Tanzania
70 Tanga British Memorial Cemetery, East Africa Tanzania
71 Mombasa British Memorial Kenya
72 Mont-Fleuri Memorial (Seychelles Carrier Corps) Seychelles
73 Hong Kong (Originally to all Chinese who served and died with the Commonwealth Forces – no names on original memorial) China
74 Haidar Pasha (Memorial to Commonwealth servicemen who died in the area of Russian, Georgia, Transcaucasia and Azerbaijan, 1916 to 1920 and whose graves are not known. Turkey
74A Haidar Pasha Cremation Memorial (not created until 1961 – commemorates Hindu soldiers) Turkey
75 Kumasi (Gold Coast Regiment – remains unknown or unmarked) Ghana
76 Halifax Fort Massey Cemetery, Nova Scotia Canada
77 Vladivostok, Siberia (Names British Soldiers buried elsewhere in Siberia) Russia
78 Archangel, North Russia (Memorial) Russia
79 Zaria (Dead Commonwealth soldiers 1st, 5th Battn, 1st Artillery Bty Nigeria Regiment) Nigeria
80 Lokoja (Dead Commonwealth soldiers 2nd Batt Nigeria Regiment) Nigeria
81 Calabar (Dead Commonwealth soldiers 3rd Btn, 2nd Artillery Bty Nigeria Regiment) Nigeria
82 Ibadan (Dead Commonwealth soldiers 4th Btn Nigeria Regiment) Nigeria
83 Livingstone Camp Memorial (Rhodesian units) Zimbabwe
84 Harare (Rhodesian units) Zimbabwe
85 Bardera Fort (Special Memorial D’Cruz now moved to Mogadishu African War Cemetery) Somalia
86 Shillong India
87 Accra (supplements Kumasi Memorial, also Gold Coast Regiment remains unknown or unmarked) Ghana
88 Pozieres France
89 Bushire/Reshire (names now in Tehran) Iran
90 Lagos (Nigerian casualties Inland Water Transport, Royal Engineers and Nigerian Carrier Corps whose graves could not be maintained or located) Dismantled 1989 Nigeria
91 Giza (Egyptian Labour Corps & Camel Transport Corps, no names on memorial) Egypt
92 Mount Caroline Cemetery. Hong Kong China
93 Tsingtao British Memorial Cemetery (unclear from register why a memorial, perhaps by 1930s as later not possible to maintain graves?) China
94 Abercorn (Rhodesian units) Zimbabwe
95 Noyelles-Sur-Mer (39 members Chinese Labour Corps who died at land or sea and graves unknown) France
96 Bathurst (now Banjul) Gambia Memorial (Men Royal West African Frontier Force whose graves are not known or maintainable) Gambia
97 St.Saviours Church Memorial (Lagos Colonial Church – memorial casualties Nigerian Merchant Marine whose graves were not known or could not be maintained) Nigeria
98 Ikawa (or Old Fife) Memorial (Special Memorial to 2 casualties whose graves are not known commemorated in Ndola (Kansenshi) Cemetery) Zambia
99 Bombay (St Thomas) Cathedral, Mumbai (Names 5 Officers/Warrant Officers Royal Indian Marine who fell in the War, who have no known graves (names in register), names of rest of dead Royal Indian Marine who fell on Bombay Memorial (memorial MR 66) not included in the register) India
100 Kirkee 1914-1918 War Memorial India
101 Madras 1914/1918 War Memorial India
102 Karachi 1914-1918 War Memorial Pakistan
103 Number not used?
104 The Taukkyan 1914-1918 War Memorial Myanmar
105 The Delhi 1914-1918 War Memorial India
106 The Botswana (originally Bechuanaland) UMA Memorial – 1 WW1 casualty commemoratedon WWII memorial as grave no longer maintained 1959 Botswana
107 The Ramleh Memorial (erected 1961 to commemorate more than 300 Commonwealth, German and Turkish servicemen in Israel graves no longer be maintained) Israel
108 Pugu Road 1914-1918 Memorial Tanzania
109 The Tanooma UMA Memorial (227 unnamed members of the Chinese Labour Corps attached to Inland Water Transport) Iraq
110 The Freetown King Tom Memorial (UMA) WW1 & WW2 memorial for unmaintainable graves Sierra Leone