1919 Instructions – Amendments to the Demobilisation Instructions dealing with Records and Correspondence (issued with Army Orders 1 June 1919)

The following was transcribed from The National Archives (TNA) PRO 17/321 War Office: General

This schedule gives the detail missing in the original 1918 Demobilisation Instructions (to see these instructions as applied to records etc. click here) when it comes to many routine British Army documents that were to be retained or destroyed by units before demobilization.

Please note: There are twelve pages (images) in total and due to the layout of the document there are some small gaps between the pages.

1919 Instructions1919 Instructions21919 Instructions31919 Instructions41919 Instructions51919 Instructions61919 Instructions71919 Instructions8

Please note: From page/image 9 onwards the page numbers are at the bottom of the page.
1919 Instructions91919 Instructions101919 Instructions111919 Instructions12