The 1924 Cinema Advertising Campaign to Encourage Great Veterans Who Had Not Received Their Medals To Claim Them

Great War Medals – Cinema Adverts

‘…The bulk issues of the medals granted for the Great War have been completed, but a considerable number of individual claims are still being received.

In order to expedite issue, a general notice has been issued during the year throughout the press, both in London and the provinces, stating what medals are ready for issue and where and how claimants should apply for them. The cinema companies throughout the country have generously given similar publicity by showing photographs of the medals granted for the Great War, with instructions as to how claims should be made…’

Memorandum from the Secretary of State for War Relating To The Army Estimates for 1924/5. HMSO: London. p. 8

Does anyone reading this blog have any additional information on this adverts? If so please get in touch or comment below.

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